By jmgreen

Being born in Mackinaw, IL I am a smalltown man.  I enjoy the simple things in life, such as my family, friends, and relaxing in the country.  I am in my senior year at Bradley University majoring in International Studies, and I am serving as the current President of the Bradley University College Republicans.  While fighting the intense apathy on campus, we have many members who believe in the values and policies of the Republican Party.  I am an intern at Bradley University with the Institute for Principled Leadership, which promotes the ethical and bipartisan policies, politicians, and most importantly leadership amongst the students.

I spend much of my spare time traveling around the state supporting the Republican Party and its candidates, and enjoy meeting all the many people that I have met.

I consider myself conservative, before I feel I am Republican.  I feel that fiscal responsibility and small government are essential to a succesful, prosperous nation.

I am very passionate about politics, and enjoy things that most people would see as boring (CSPAN, listening to the State Government via their audio link, working on campaigns, etc).  Yes, indeed, I do have “the sickenss.”  With this passion, I would sit and watch the news are discuss politics until steam would come pouring from my ears.  In order to channel this “Red Steam” I created this blog so that others can see what I see.

I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to comment, but please be respectful and avoid inappropriate language.  I reserve the right to delete any comments I see as offensice.  That being said feel free to agree or disagree, and please pass along to your friends and family!


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