Where’s the Beef?

The State of the Union the other night was the beginning of the end for President Obama.  As he stood up there and spoke about needing to change the politics of Washington, promised to veto any bills with earmarks, and move away from our dependency on foreign oil, I couldn’t help but flash back to 2008……when he promised all these things before.  It seemed like Obama had not been President for two years.  I don’t know if his speech writers forgot that he has been, or if he thinks he can trick the American people into believing that he wasn’t.  It was the same old story we heard for eight months prior to his election, with no signs of progress on any of the promises he “remade.”  Usually, even though the President may say all the wrong things, he at least can make it seem interesting.  Alas, this was not the case during the State of the Union.  Too bad Ted Kennedy could not be there to fall asleep again….(May God rest his soul).  There was no energy in the room, and even Democrats looked like they wanted to get the hell out of there.  Except for Biden, who for some reason found something in the crowd quite humorous.  The man had a goofy smile and was chuckling the entire time.

The fact is that this speech had no meat to it.  There was nothing worthwhile in it post the honoring of Congresswoman Giffords.  He maybe addressed the actual state of the country three-quarters through, but even then nobody believed that everything is going according to plan.  Maybe after the amazing speech in Tucson we all had too high of expectations, but we can expect great speeched from “the Orator.”  And what is this nonsense about the highlight of the speech being Sputnik?  Seriously, I thought it was the most detrimental part of his speech towards his agenda.  What resulted from Sputnik was the forward thinking of private industry.  The government did not give us the moon landing….private industry did.  Private industry was driven to research and manufacture what was needed, thanks to President John F. Kennedy’s (the last good Democrat) policies that gave the private sector initiative and rewards.  President Obama called for freezing spending while touting new programs he wants to start or expand.  Where I am from we call that hypocrisy.

I find it ridiculous that anyone could possibly believe a word he said the other night.   The fact is that he has made all those promises before and has had two years to at least attempt to keep them….and he hasn’t.  The speech was not on the state of the union.  No, this speech was about what empty promises he will give us if elected again in 2012.  This was the first official-unofficial campaign speech for 2012, and if this is a sign of what is to come than it is going to be a good year for Republicans yet again.

As for the responses…..

What can I say about Paul Ryan, except that he should have been Speaker of the House.  His rebuttal said exactly what needed to be said.  We don’t have time to try spending freezes.  America is in trouble.  During President George W. Bush’s Presidency we should have addressed the deficit, but now we HAVE to.  This isn’t game, and it is not about what is liberal and what is conservative.  It is about what America must do to restore its power in the world, and remain what Reagan called the shining city on the hill.  The best Republican response to the freeze I have heard was when your car is accelerating towards a cliff, you don’t put on cruise control….you hit the brakes.  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

And what can I say about Michelle Bachmann…While I am glad that she was allowed to speak after the State of the Union, I have to ask why her?  Of all the tea party candidates why her?  Having the Tea Party represented is a very good idea in that it  shows there is another group that is going to hold Republicans accountable.  We cannot return to the “Democrat-lite” that Republicans were under Bush.  And I also want to know who setting up the technology, because you should always, always be sure that even if you are reading your speech right of the paper you should at least look like you are looking at the camera!  And the charts were a little over the top….but then again so is Bachmann…

The State of the Union was not worth watching.  So if you were cooler than me and had better things to do (like going to that banjo concert with Grandma, or attending that lecture on how to efficiently use the school library), then do not worry because you did not miss anything.  Obama spent half of the more than an hour speech attempting to convince the American people, that he hasn’t been President for two years.  He made promises that completely contradicted each other.   Finally he campaigned for 2012.  This “meatless” campaign speech very briefly addressed the state of the country, and left many people such as myself feeling like those old ladies in the 1984 Wendy’s commercial.

Mr. President….”WHERE’S THE BEEF?”


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