Liberty for all….except when I don’t agree with it!

With all the rhetoric flying around the last few weeks over the mosque at Ground Zero and the recent promise of the Florida preacher to burn Korans tomorrow (September 11th), I felt that I needed to say something about this massive mess.  Double standards and insensitivity have dominated the debates and its time that both sides of this issue cool down and use their God given brains for a little bit.  Considering the fact that we are the United States of America and we hold the liberties of all individuals to the highest regard (despite what those morons in DC want you to think) and the fact that feeding radicalism on either side of the issue could have consequences on our troops,  paying heed to the sensitivity of the issues is dire.  First, I want to give my opinion on the mosque and then my opinion on the burning of the Koran.

Back when talk first began about the Ground Zero mosque, I knew that things would soon get out of hand.  I knew people would try to force the builders to halt the development and I knew that certain American Muslims would scream “bigotry” and “anti-Islam sentiment.”  The United States has a Constitution.  Our government is to heed this Constitution under all circumstances (arguably the government has not done so well at this in the least) to protect the rights of all its citizens.  This Constitution does not allow for the government to come in and stop a religious organization from building what they want or where they want.  If this Imam and his people want to build a mosque so close to Ground Zero they have every God-given American right to do so!  There is nothing anyone can do about it!  I find it funny that many of the people who are so venomously against this mosque are the same people who claim to “fight for the Constitution.”  It is hypocrisy in it most blatant form.  Now that being said, I think building a mosque so close to Ground Zero is a terribly bad idea and one of the dumbest things this Imam and his supporters could possibly think to do. You don’t think that this is a blatant attempt to stir up controversy and take a stab at the American people?  It is completely insensitive to even discuss building a mosque at an area still scarred by Islamic extremism.  I find it very odd that a group that calls for increased sensitivity to Muslim concerns and needs would be so incredibly insensitive.  We must respect the sensitivities of Muslims in America, but so must American sensitivities be respected by Muslims in America.  It is a two way street.

Moving on to the equally idiotic decision to call for the burning of Korans in Florida.  Again, this pastor is rightfully protected under the United States Constitution to do whatever he wants to the Koran.  And again, I think this is one of the dumbest things this pastor and his supporters could decide to do.  After whining and complaining about the insensitivities of the Ground Zero mosque supporters, these people go and do something so completely insensitive.  If a Muslim group decided they were going to have a Bible burning on Christmas, these same people would be spitting fire.  Again, if we expect Muslims to be sensitive to non-Muslims, than we have to be sensitive towards them.  I know the concept of two-way streets are a hard concept when so many cities have so many one-way streets, but really it’s easy enough.

What irritated me the most about both of these situations was the complete double standard that was set by both sides of the issue and the Obama administration.  People who were crying foul at the insensitivity of the mosque and demanded that people be more sympathetic to their wishes, were vehement supporters of something that did just the opposite of what they were demanding only weeks before.  The people who were the most adamant supporters of the utterly insensitive mosque, were the first ones flying off the handle about the planned Koran burnings.  If they only knew how dumb they looked.  The Imam who is so in support of the mosque goes on national television and claims that the burning of the Korans will cause the Arab communities to “explode” (his words not mine……probably not the best choice of words).  But his support of the mosque didn’t cause Americans to do the same?  You can anger non-Muslims, but non Muslims better not cross you?

The Obama Administration made the right choice in not trying to force the mosque supporters from building (although their reasoning behind it was a little out of tune), but they set such an incredible double standard with the Florida pastor.  When the mosque fiasco arose, the administration practically shrugged off the whole incident.  But when the pastor down in Florida plans his little barbecue, now it is a “national security threat?”  The administration talks about calling the pastor to Washington to “talk?”  What made the two events so different that they had to be handled in such drastically different ways?

These double standards on everyone’s part are unacceptable.  The Constitution does not provide more liberty for one party over another.  It provides a balance that we must use to weigh all issues independently.  It requires that we look at and treat both of these instances with the same light and in doing so we will see them for what they really are……incredibly dumb, insensitive decisions fully protected under the United States Constitution.  So everyone cool down.  Take a step back.  Think for yourselves for once and the country will thank you for it in the future .


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