A Chance for Real Change in Illinois

Looking at the maps of Illinois State Senate and State Representative Districts, I am reminded of something my young cousin drew for me when she was three or four years old.  It doesn’t make much sense, takes a lot of imagination to see what they tell you they have drawn, and both are probably drawn on the back of a restaurant menu in crayon.  The main difference between the two is motive.  My young cousin drew her picture with purity of heart and the intent of bringing joy to another person.  The legislature drew theirs with self-interest at heart and the intent of insuring their incumbency.  Illinois has a 98% reelection rate for incumbents.  With the absolute lack of accountability that this provides politicians, the doors are then opened for them to do as they please.  They are free to spend without worrying of the cost, to act secretly to make decisions that benefit themselves without the worry of transparency, and to blatantly turn a blind eye to the public without the worry of the voters’ wrath.  Redistricting Reform is at the core of nearly all other ethics reform.  Until significant changes are made in the way that our politicians gerrymander our districts, we will not get other needed reforms.  This is why I fully support the efforts towards the Illinois Fair Map Amendment.  This amendment to the Illinois State Constitution would take the politics out of drawing district maps, and place it back into the hands of the people.  I do so knowing full well that it will not be an easy task.  This amendment is an attempt of the people to beat back the powers that be.  But I say, why must the populace think of itself as being weak?  We have the power to change Illinois, not the politicians.  Already, the powerhouses, such as Speaker Michael Madigan, have attempted to shut down and belittle the efforts of independent groups who support this amendment.  Some may not realize it, and other choose to ignore it, but we are in the midst of a political war.  This is not a war between Democrat and Republican, but between the corrupt politicians and the people of Illinois.  It will take a fight against Madigan and his cronies to convince them that they are not control of this state, but we are!  We will see a rise in the mob tactics of the politicians to try to intimidate and scare people, but we can not let it work.  And it is from the front-lines of the war between mob tactic politicians and the people of Illinois, that I ask you to stand up to the corrupt powers and fight for what you know is right.  Go to the Illinois Fair Map website (ilfairmap.com) and read up on the changes it will make.  When you are convinced by the bi-partisan support (left and right reform groups, as well as the Republican Party leaders) and the need for change, please, print of the petition for your county/city and get signatures.  Every signature helps reach the goal of 500,000.  The goal is 500,000 because the politicians will have a harder time ignoring the demands of half a million Illinois voters.  The time for these power-hungry politicians that have done everything in their power to make our state a mockery, is now at an end.  Rise up, Illinois!  Rise up and take back your state!


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