Actions Speak Louder than Words

After watching the President’s State of the Union last night, I felt as though I had just gotten through an hour-long campaign speech….but that was because I had.  Obama last night promised to tackle the economy and tackle jobs.    He also promised to look at Republican ideas and said we needed to change the partisan, cut-throat politics that have plagued Washington.  He pledged to cut taxes and stop spending.  Also, the President pledged that if a bill crossed his desk that wasn’t to his standards he would send it back and tell Congress to fix it.  For a moment, I had forgotten it was no longer 2008.  Wasn’t it 2008 that Obama promised to tackle the economy and make that priority number one?  Wasn’t it in 2008 that he pledged to change the way Washington works?  And wasn’t it in 2008 that he pledged to cut taxes for the middle class and slow or stop deficit spending?  Finally, did he not say he would veto bills that had pork or bad policy?  Over the past year we have seen that actions do indeed speak louder than words.  The past year Obama has made Government Healthcare his priority.   And do not believe that he did not make Government Healthcare so important, that he could get something under his belt.  I believe everyone snickered, even Democrats, when he attempted to make that claim.  Because Obama did not focus on what would positively affect the economy, the unemployment rate has grown higher than that magic number that Obama promised it would not get above if the stimulus package was passed.  Instead of trying to create jobs, he taxed successful businesses more in order to bailout and take control of failed companies.  After touting bipartisanship and bringing change to the status quo of dirty politics by Obama during the campaign,  we have seen Democrats ignore the idea of Republican Congressman and use smoke and mirrors to attempt to push through their agenda on healthcare.  The special deals with the Unions and specific Congressman, such as Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, have darkened his promises of change and hope.  After the largest increase in deficit spending that us Americans saw during the last administration, the current administration has increased it three-fold.  We saw reckless, flamboyant pork-barrel spending in the omnibus bill, as well as Republican and Democrat special projects attached to every page of every bill.

If Massachusetts was a big enough blow to the President that he actually begins to avidly pursue some of the things he proclaimed last night, then he might be moving more towards a more centrist policy.  I hope Washington becomes more bipartisan and less corrupt.  I hope Obama begins to give tax cuts.  I hope Obama gets rid of or greatly lowers the Capital Gains Tax.  I hope I am wrong in thinking that none of the things I agreed with from the speech last night will actually happen, but looking at the past year of his administration,  I am not counting on it.


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