Spending themselves into defeat

Over the Thanksgiving weekend talk began getting louder from Democrats about a second stimulus package.  The utter fact that this is being considered shows how out of touch the Democrat Party has become with the American people.  They just do not get it.  They do not understand what money is, and they do not understand why we are frustrated.  Nancy Pelosi stated during a conference call almost a week ago that:

The American people have an anger about the growth of the deficit because they’re not getting anything for it. … If somebody has the idea that the percentage of GDP of what our national debt is will go up a bit, but they will now — and their neighbors and their children — will have jobs, I think they could absorb that, and then we ride it out and bring money in,” she said. “But I think if anybody is asking the public, ‘Would you rather have a job or the percentage of GDP of our national debt would go up a little bit?’ I think that everybody wants a job.

The deficit of the U.S. Government reached an astounding $1.4 trillion the past fiscal year.  When is it enough.  If it wasn’t so devastating to the future of this country, the spending tirade in Washington would be laughable.  It WOULD be laughable that the U.S. is $12 trillion in debt.  It WOULD be laughable that as we are going bankrupt, Democrats develop new spending every month, with no look to increasing income.  It WOULD be laughable that Democrats ignore public outcries, claim that they know better than voters, and spend, spend, spend.  It WOULD be laughable that while our economy still suffers after the first stimulus package, they speak of firing up a new one.  It WOULD be laughable that while the economy continues to suffer and people keep losing jobs, the Democrats claim that the first stimulus has been successful.  It WOULD be laughable…..but it is not!  It is scary, and it is ludicrous.  It is not laughable that they are ignoring the future effects of their actions.  It is not laughable that our children and grandchildren have a lifetime of government debt in their future.  It is not laughable that we will soon no longer be working for our own profit, but to pay off our debts (in other words, slave labor).  How long will we, the American people, stand by and watch Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama take our money and flush it down the toilet?  I can do that myself thank you.  I don’t need to pay them to do it for me.

The simple fact that this second stimulus is being considered is a blow to the opinions of the American people.  With all the outcry from the first stimulus, government-run healthcare, and other reckless spending, these “voices of the people” (insert sarcasm here), are ignoring these cries.  They claim to know better than the American people.  They think us ignorant and confused.  But we are aware.  We are very aware and in 2010, they will also be made aware.  They will be made aware that we do hold their job security in the palm of our hands, and when they ignore us for their own power grabs, agendas, or plain stupidity, we will give them their pink slips.  Then, they will understand what they have done to so many over the two years.


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